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you down, we'll tell you coming up. a $10,000 reward is being offered to find a suspect in a deadly crime spree in san jose. 26-year-old jonathan wilbanks was caught friday night after a series of robberies, police chase and shooting and a carjacking attempt that left one man dead. >> about 9:00 i hear a -- not continuous gunshots but maybe a little one after another. >> saw the victim's father up in the front and she was still in shock finding out that the son had been shot in front of the 7-eleven. >> police say wilbanks' alleged accomplice got away and is still on the run. the reward money is being offered for information that leads to his arrest. menlo park police are looking for suspects in the city's second murder this year. 42-year-old man shot to death saturday night as he sat in a car with a woman in the 300
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block of ivy drive. police say the suspects took the woman's purse and ran in separate directions. it's the third shooting this month in menlo park's bell haven neighborhood. a new apology from the bishop of san jose. that's after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school festival and now the church and the sheriff's office are trying to figure out how he got written permission for last month's event. bishop mcgrath is troubled that the policy wasn't followed. a sheriff will be at the school tomorrow to meet with concerned parents. some other bay area headlines on this monday authorities are trying to identify a body pulled from the waters of the san francisco bay. the coast guard found the body of a man near fort baker yesterday morning. they are trying to see if his description matches any missing person reports here in the bay area. a judge could decide today whether one go is mentally competent for seven murders. he was arrested for a shooting spree in oakland. psychiatrists who have examined
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goh are due to report to the court this afternoon. and a vigil is planned in hayward to remembermy michaela garecht. a bone fragment found this year is being tested to see if it came from the missing girl. pickets are scheduled to go up tonight at oakland international airport. the union plans a 4 hour strike at the airport and the port of oakland. that strike at the airport begins at 9:00 tonight. pickets will be up at the port tomorrow. workers say they haven't had a new contract for 16 months. the california nurses association is planning more short-term strikes because of ongoing contract disputes at bay area hospitals. nurses plan to strike against hospitals run by sutter health for two days starting tomorrow. they held a strike against the same hospitals earlier this month. they also plan a one-day strike
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tomorrow against two san jose hospitals, good samaritan and regional medical center. both are operated by hospital corporation of america. the death toll is escalating in the gaza strip as israel retaliates after months of rocket attacks from gaza. in gaza, 91 palestinians including 50 civilians have been killed since last week and in israel three civilians have been killed by rockets launched by hamas. cbs reporter susan mcginnis has more on the attacks and efforts to encourage a cease-fire. reporter: bombs shook gaza city awake monday morning. the israeli air force targeted another 80 sites during overnight and morning bombing. the military says it targeted weapons storage facilities and police stations. hamas says israel is killing civilians. this sixth day of air strike follows an israeli offense on
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sunday leading to the deadliest day of attacks yesterday. at least 29 palestinians were killed including four children when a bomb hit this apartment building. israeli officials say hamas is using civilian buildings as cover to launch rockets across the border. in tel aviv, people on the street ran for cover when sirens signaled an approaching rocket. israel's iron dome defense system has intercepted more than 240 rockets. during a trip to asia, president obama warned israel about expanding into a ground war but he defended israel's fighting back. >> there's no country on earth that would tolerate missiles raining down on its citizens from outside its borders. >> reporter: u.n. secretary- general ban ki-moon is in cairo, egypt today to assist cease-fire talks there. the threat of a ground war remains. thousands of israeli tanks, soldiers and rocket launchers are ready to cross the border awaiting the command.
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susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. and here's a look at some live pictures of gaza city now. the israeli air force briefly took control of hamas radio network warning people in gaza to stay away from hamas facilities. president obama's southeast asian trip continues today after cambodia after a visit to burma. he is the first u.s. president to visit myanmar which has been make a transition to democracy after years of human rights abuses. he met with a long time advocate and spoke at a university, an event broadcast throughout the country. >> in my discussions here, our goal is to sustain the momentum for democracy. >> the president will attend an east asia summit tomorrow. congress is calling for an investigation into who modified the cia's talking points about the deadly attack on a u.s.
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consulate in libya. senator dianne feinstein, who chairs the intelligence committee, said she wants to open an investigation. former cia director david petraeus testified friday that someone changed the agency's assessment that terrorists were involved. 4:36. out the door with traffic and weather. big holiday week. i think we're kicking off a monday pretty well. >> i hope so. we had so much rain this weekend. >> might i say today you guys look fabulous! >> well, thank you. >> it's nice to be here with you at 4:30 in the morning. >> what color is your shirt? >> i'm not sure! i just grabbed it and ran to work! around the bay area today, a lot of clouds now, hi-def doppler though fairly quiet at this time. you can see for the most part things staying dry. now, there is still a chance we could see a few light showers north of the golden gate bridge today but i think that is about it. but look at all the clouds that are dumping over this weak ridge right now and eventually we'll see the back end of this system sliding toward the bay area as we get into tuesday meaning more rain for all of
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us. right now a lot of clouds, slight chance of showers north of the golden gate. the temperatures because of the clouds not bad. how about this? they have lit up the embarcadero looking good as we head into the holiday season. temperatures right now 56 degrees in oakland. 55 in san francisco. and 53 degrees in san jose. we'll have more on your forecast coming up in a few minutes. but right now, let's talk to elizabeth about the roads. >> so cool, officially the holidays now. love that. thanks, lawrence. yeah, outside right now we're not too bad. a lot of our overnight roadwork we typically see is not there. so not a bad start to our monday drive if you have to work today, westbound 580 through the altamont pass. you can see no major brake lights. you will find roadwork in the eastbound lanes of 580 through livermore from greenville road to north flynn various lanes blocked for the next little bit. up the nimitz in the east bay 880 through oakland this looks great from hayward all the way up towards downtown and the macarthur maze. 15 minutes is that drive time right now between 238 and the maze. elsewhere to the south bay now,
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more roadwork this time southbound 880 from coleman to bascomb avenue. this is ongoing roadwork in the area. otherwise through downed 280, 101, by san jose airport everything clear and mass transit also off to a great start once again. no delays for bart, ace, muni, caltrain and ferries. that's traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you. 4:38. black friday the biggest shopping day of the year is still four days away but people already lining up to take advantage of some early deals. they are the diehards. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at a best buy in pinole where shoppers have staked their ground already. they are camping out. >> reporter: that's right. talk about dedication. these tents have been up since yesterday and they have four days to go so hopefully they are warm. normally we see these die-hard shoppers take their places outside the big box stores later in the week but big ticket items like tvs and
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gaming consoles add up to hundreds of dollars so shoppers say it's worth it. as for missing the traditional thanksgiving meal, shoppers say black friday preparations is the new tradition and that thanksgiving comes to them. >> for black friday it's something my daughter and i have been doing since she was three months old. she has never had thanksgiving dinner at home. we have it out here. my mom brings our food. >> reporter: now, these shoppers say in addition to the deals, it's also about the people. some of the shoppers told us yesterday that they have actually been meeting here for the past three years. as for experts, though, i checked this out and online, they say that waiting in these lines for black friday may not be worth it because deals online are comparable if not better to the ones at these big box stores on the day of black friday or thursday as some stores will be doing. so possibly for these shoppers it's the experience. live in pinole, cate caugiran, cbs 5. >> because nothing says thanksgiving like waiting in line for four days. [ laughter ] most shoppers love it. there is a black friday
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backlash, though from some retail workers. hundreds of thousands of people have taken out their frustrations online. a campaign asking people to boycott walmart and target is growing. more than 200,000 people signed a petition at demanding the ceo give workers a real thanksgiving day holiday. give them the day off. won't work. >> that's the first sign of it. the workers have to come in on thanksgiving but the shoppers are happy. >> i would rather wake up friday and try to beat the crowds. >> i'm with you. 4:40. time to cover up. san francisco taking a closer look at public nudity. >> plus, remembering the victims of jonestown decades later. why families of some bay area victims want a local memorial torn down. >> and what a month for mother nature. an amazing video of a waterspout coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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down under. mother nature churned up the normally tral waters off the coast of e well, here is something you rarely ever see down under. mother nature churning up normally tranquil waters off the coast of australia with a rare water spot perfectly formed. it brought rain, hail and lightning and wind. no damage or injuries reported yesterday but something got some spectacular video right there. >> no kidding! that is cool. lawrence, you were telling us
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how these forms -- >> it's all fun and games unless you're out on a boat. they are strong when they are vertical. >> how fast are the winds? >> they are a strong tornado. so they can be up to 200 miles an hour. don't want to be near one of those when they come ashore. around the bay area, a fairly calm start to the day. a lot of clouds outside right now. temperatures fairly mild because of that cloud cover, mainly into the 50s toward the afternoon. we are looking at temperatures mainly in the 60s outside. it will be mild especially inland. still a lot of clouds. there's still a slight chance we could see a couple of light showers north of the golden gate bridge. so here we go. high pressure is in place. you have this storm system to the north. this is going to slowly drag its way to the south. but throughout the day today we'll see high clouds over the top of the ridge so that's why we're leaving at least a slight chance of a few showers mainly to our north. otherwise we have to wait until tuesday and then the bulk of the system had drop into the bay area giving us a better chance of rain. timing this out on the
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futurecast model clouds early on and then it looks like tomorrow things picking up but not until late in the day. tuesday 3:00 in the afternoon, we finally begin to see some showers showing up in parts of the north bay and then this whole system slides down across the rest of the bay area. overnight tuesday night. then early wednesday morning. but most of wednesday big travel day starts to clear out and thanksgiving day looks very nice and dry around the bay area now. all right. let's talk about temperatures today. it's going to be a decent day. 66 in san jose, 65 san mateo, 62 pacifica. east bay numbers up into the 60s. almost 70 degrees in pleasanton. and as you head to the north bay, a few more clouds and again a slight chance of showers, temperatures there mainly into the 60s. about 64 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, a chance of showers returns especially for the rest of the bay area on tuesday in the evening hours and then overnight on tuesday. by wednesday we dry out. thanksgiving looks dry and warmer. then it will hold nice and
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warm, mild temperatures into the weekend. elizabeth. >> a nice dry thanksgiving. thanks, lawrence. outside now, nice and dry now as well and pretty quiet on the roads. in fact a lot of our places we usually see overnight roadwork we're not seeing it including stretches of highway 4. you know the drill. we'll get to that in a minute. here is a live look at the bay bridge looking good heading into san francisco and it continues to move well across the upper deck towards the incline and treasure island. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. 14 minutes is the drive time out of hayward and foster city. this right now is the eastbound lanes of 92 heading towards the east bay. so both directions quiet. golden gate bridge usually we see that overnight roadwork on the approach, not seeing much out there this morning so here's a live look. they should be doing more lane changes here coming up but obviously things are very quiet this time of the morning according to our time-saver traffic camera. elsewhere if you are coming through the altamont pass, no major brake lights 205 out of
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tracy through the altamont pass and through livermore and the dublin interchange. eastbound lanes of 580 from north greenville you will find various lanes blocked until 5:0 this morning. elsewhere the nimitz, this is 880 through oakland, the oakland coliseum is there in the distance. southbound 880 is still moving fine towards oakland airport actually continues to look good past 238 and all the way down into hayward. elsewhere a quick south bay check. southbound 880 approaching bascomb. you may find various lanes blocked. they are doing some ongoing roadwork across that stretch but coming through downtown san jose 280 guadalupe parkway and 101, so far free and clear. mass transit nothing to note. this is what to know if you want to use mass transit so far on this monday morning. two thumbs up! good to go. that's your "timesaver traffic." traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. back to you guys. >> thank you. federal investigators today plan to interview the driver of a parade float that was hit by a train while crossing tracks in west texas. four military veterans were killed in last week's accident
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in midland. the truck was the second of two parade floats filled with wounded war veterans. the first had successfully cleared the tracks. parade organizers say they had been using the same route for three years. the search for a missing oil worker is expanding after the friday platform explosion in the gulf of mexico. dive boats are searching the waters and beaches in louisiana. the body of one worker was found saturday night. four workers hospitalized two in critical condition. vice president joe biden is assuring the people of new jersey the federal government won't abandon them after the spotlight fades from hurricane sandy. biden toured the state's storm- ravaged coast yesterday including the boardwalk at seaside heights. he says rebuilding the area is a national responsibility. the makers of twinkies and dingdongs will be in bankruptcy court today. texas-based hostess plans to begin the process of selling off its assets but some of its
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more popular products could make a comeback with $2.5 billion in revenue a year. analysts say there's a very good chance someone will buy at least a piece of the hostess company and carry on that brand. burlingame-based virgin america is back off some of its expansion plans. the airline is reducing its order of airbus sas jets from 30 to 10. last month they announced they were reducing their flight schedule in the 1st quarter of next year. the company has also offered employees voluntary short-term leave. portable sleep tents for infants and small children are being voluntarily recalled because of a safety hazard. kid coink's recall of 220,000 of items after a baby was found killed in a tent. there are other people with problems with the mattress. a community is honoring the
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victims of jonestown that covers the black because the name of the man responsible for the deaths is on the plaque. jim jones poisoned people with kool-aid. a dozen people showed up at the oakland cemetery to mark the 34th anniversary of the mass suicide. >> it's horrific. we live that tragedy, my family, many people never got over it. now we have to see the insult. >> families hope to get a new memorial by next year. san francisco may be getting ready to shed its image as the city where anything goes including clothing. the board of supervisors is scheduled to vote tomorrow on an ordinance that would ban nudity in most public places. the proposal would make it illegal for anyone older than five to expose himself. exemptions would be made for participants at permitted
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street fairs and parades. so some exceptions. >> of course. another step for the warriors' plans to build a 17,000-seat arena on the san francisco waterfront. cbs 5 insider phil matier reports two powerful labor unions are expected to join forces and urge the board of supervisors to approve the deal. the billion-dollar project is expected to create thousands of construction jobs. 32 americans are among the latest rhodes scholars and four have ties to the bay area. they are catherine laporte from larkspur a senior at yale, stanford university senior of maine, stanford graduate student, and uc-berkeley senior daniel price out of grass county. they will be going to oxford all expenses paid. today a youth program from the east bay will be honored at
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the white house. oakland-based youth radio teaches students about the medium and important issues in our society and will receive an honor from the first lady michelle obama. they say it's the best thanksgiving ever. >> a mother and son together for the first time. they celebrated thanksgiving at mission harvest in san jose. the woman recently told her daughter a secret she had a son in iowa 63 years ago and give him up for adoption. >> i said mom, you want to see him? of course i wanted to see him. i waited all this time. >> i told mom, i'm coming out to see you. >> the two were connected after an internet search helped the mother find her son in illinois and they talked on the phone for hours before finally meeting in person. >> amazing the similarities. you know? it's like -- >> nice for both to connect.
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time is 4:52. weekend movies. >> plus music lovers salute their favorites who walk away a winner at the ama coming up. >> and missing for three days inside a giant statue. how firefighters finally found a kitten trapped in a tight spot. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash. this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health.
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big game tonight chicago bears, san francisco 49ers. should be mostly cloudy but dry there. 60 degrees right here on cbs 5. >> and on this monday morning, this monday back to works not too bad across most of your roads. here's a live look at the golden gate, bay bridge and nice and light across milpitas. more "timesaver traffic" coming up.
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♪ [ music ] looks good. a huge opening weekend for the final installment of the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn, part 2". the film ranks 8th on the list of top 10 movie openings joining two other "twilight" films. "breaking dawn, part 2" earned $141 million, $100 million more than the second one. the american music awards pay tribute to a tv and pop music icon last night. ♪ [ music ] dick clark was remembered in a musical tribute. justin bieber won the show's top honor for artist of the year as well as favorite pop rock album for i believe and best male artist even brought his mom up on stage.
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>> this i want to see. >> that was great. >> mc hammer -- >> i guess that was a surprise because they didn't know mc was going to come out. >> he can still bring it. three-week-old kitten is learning about its nine lives. >> it got stuck inside the abraham lincoln statue at the hall of fame in florida. firefighters drilled a hole at the top of the statue and one of the firefighters lowered himself inside to save the cat. the cat will be named appropriately abe. >> of course. why not? >> how did he get in there? >> i don't know. this is amazing. the lines forming already to be black friday. why shoppers are choosing to camp out. >> crazy. plus the devastation and the death toll rising in gaza. the escalation of violence and the efforts to stop the shelling on both sides. and a manhunt under way in san jose for the suspect in a deadly crime spree that left an officer injured. more on that and a big reward
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being offered for the public's help. ,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald captions by: caption colorado a violent crime spree ends in a police shootout. san jose police arrest one man this morning the hunt for his accomplice. >> plus, camping out for deals. the black friday shoppers who just can't wait for the day after thanksgiving. >> plenty of clouds, mild now but we could have rain heading our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> we are getting busy on westbound 580 through the dublin interchange. coming up, a check of your major bay area drive times. >> good morning, everyone. it's monday, november 19. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everybody. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00 now. a manhunt is on for one of two suspects in a violent rampage through san jose. >> this morning, a reward is being offered to help find him. cbs 5 reporter elissa harrington is in san jose this morning where in just

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